Self Suspense Ion


My role: Design and development

Projection mapping, HTC Vive Motion Tracker, Kinect V2, Unity, Resolume Arena, Arduino.

About the project:

Through this project, we explored the idea of bringing humans closer to technology by creating a virtual experience in a physical space. In the experience, the user swings through a  virtual space on a 30-foot swing. 
The resultant effect was an intrinsically human one, resulting in an array of emotions- from feelings of isolation and loss to nostalgia and joy.

Created in collaboration with Kavya Satyakumar

Exhibited at: 

Laval Virtual 2020
Recto VRso  as part of VIFF Immersed 2019


Technology has enabled us to capture and share a carefully curated portrait of our experiences of reality.  Through this installation, we asked you to temporarily detach from the tendrils of that projected reality and wholly immerse yourself in your present. Stepping through your shadow represents leaving your ‘projected reality’ behind as you enter.  "Self Suspense Ion" aims to suspend your perception of reality and swing through space in time.

Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 8.53.06 PM.png